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Mike Tetreault’s All-Star Percussion Playlist

By on September 2, 2016

We asked Colorado Springs Philharmonic percussionist Mike Tetreault: How does participation in an orchestra look from a percussionist’s point of view? What pieces of music really light a fire for you?

Here’s what he told us about his all-time favorites from the classical repertoire. Click on the links to follow along with his listening notes!

In addition to these recommendations, he surprised us by admitting that Mahler 2 is one of his favorite symphonies — not because of the great percussion parts, but because of the parts where the percussion section shuts down entirely:

“Sometimes there’s nothing better than resting in the middle of all that stuff and being able to soak in everything else,” he explains. “[In] Mahler symphony no. 2, the fourth movement going into the fifth movement, there’s a mezzo soprano solo that’s just astonishing. To be involved in the third and then to be integrally involved in the fifth movement is fantastic, but to not be involved for a time, and to be separated from it but still inside of it… that’s when you love counting rests.”

By Claire Swinford

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