Colorado Springs Philharmonic

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Upcoming Performances

2014–15 Season



February 21–22, 2015

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Nathan Newbrough president and CEO
Email 719-344-2447

Kendall John, MAS chief financial officer
Email 719-344-2453

Lynn Holladay operations director
Email 719-344-2451

Nancy Whitford development director
Email 719-344-2446

Nathan Willers, MAM communications director
Email 719-344-2455

Nicole M. Anthony education and community engagement manager
Email 719-344-2456

Jennifer deGive development coordinator
Email 719-344-2445

Meghann Maurer patron services coordinator
Email 719-344-2443

David Halvorson orchestra personnel manager
Email 719-575-9632

Joseph Head orchestra librarian
Email 719-344-2454

For box office, ticketing, and general inquiries, call 719-575-9632 or contact us via email.

Media and press inquiries may be directed to Nathan Willers at
719-344-2455 or via email.