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2014–15 Season



February 21–22, 2015

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Al Buettner

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Board of Directors

The members of your Board of Directors, first and foremost, are stewards of the public trust in overseeing the operations of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic. We provide strategic and fiduciary direction and fund-raising leadership to ensure the orchestra’s long-term stability and sustainability. Day-to-day planning and management are the purview of our President and CEO and Music Director, but we work closely with them to help balance the dynamic tension between business and art and keep us all focused on our core values and mission: to inspire greatness in our community and the best of human potential through musical excellence, creative discovery and civic leadership. Thank you for your enthusiastic concert attendance and generous support.

Al Buettner, Chairman of the Board

Alfred P. Buettner chair
Bob Allen Street vice chair
John Street chair emeritus
Marty Kelley secretary
David Artusi treasurer

Paul Baker
Josep Caballé-Domenech music director
Frank Caris
Nora Courier
Jerry Ellis
Robert Holmes
, PhD
Robert Lally
James Malm, PhD
Jim Montgomery
Nathan Newbrough president and ceo
Una Ng-Brasch
Cathy Robbins
Cheryl Schwartz
Elizabeth Shelton
Ben Sparks
Kelly McSweeney Zuercher

*Members of the orchestra