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Colorado Springs Philharmonic

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Upcoming Performances

2017–18 Season

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Board of Directors

Bob Street* Chairman of the Board (2nd term ends 2018)
John Street* Chairman Emeritus (Honorary Member)
Una Ng* Vice Chair (2nd term ends 2017)
Jim Montgomery* Treasurer (1st term ends 2016)
Marty Kelley* Secretary (1st term ends 2016)
Nathan Newbrough President & CEO (Ex-Officio Member)
Josep Caballé-Domenech Music Director (Ex-Officio Member)

David Artusi* (2nd term ends 2017)
Frank Caris* (2nd term ends 2017)
Bill Cosper* (1st term ends 2019)
Don Hilsberg Principal Harp (Ex-Officio Member)
Robert Lally* (1st term ends 2016)
Lance Miller* (1st term ends 2017)
Rosemarie Offord* (1st term ends 2017)
Charles Ortega Principal Tuba (Ex-Officio Member)
Fran Pilch* (1st term ends 2017)
Cathy Robbins* (2nd term ends 2017)
Cheryl Schwartz* (1st term ends 2017)
Herman Tiemens* (1st term ends 2018)

* independent voting members (non-employees)

Board Governance Documents