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February 21–22, 2015

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Conductor in the Classroom

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Conductor in the Classroom

The Colorado Springs Philharmonic is proud to offer area high school orchestras and bands the opportunity to play under the baton of Music Director Josep Caballé-Domenech or Associate Conductor Thomas Wilson in a schoolday rehearsal. Both conductors work with young players and share their insights into the process and joys of making great music come to life.

Visits are available beginning in January and continuing through the end of the school year. Time blocks of approximately 45 minutes are available and accommodation of specific rehearsal schedules is possible, subject to conductor availability.

Maestros Caballé-Domenech and Wilson are also available to visit general classrooms at any grade level.

Act Now

To arrange a time for either conductor to attend a rehearsal or visit your classroom, please contact us at 719-575-9632 or via email.