In Harmony: A word from leadership

Welcome summer – a season of possibility and promise.

While classical music is our passion, community building is our purpose. The Colorado Springs Philharmonic inspires

Board Chairman, Herman Tiemens

not only in bar and beat but through the art of bringing human beings together to enjoy live performance – a magical and emotional experience.

Covid-19 has taken that from us temporarily, but the magic will return. As an essential part of the Pikes Peak region’s cultural fabric, our musicians, led by music director Josep Caballé-Domenech, open the door to experiencing something together and are the portal to profound and powerful relationships that transcend the walls of the concert hall.

As we ready for the upcoming concert season, we continue to work with the musicians on a new contract. Out of respect for the process, we cannot share additional details at this time, but we can say that all are eager for a return to the stage.

Over the last 15 months, the Colorado Springs Philharmonic has been operating with musicians and audiences as a top priority. The decisions we have made and continue to make are with a focus on the long-term best interests of both talent and ticketholders. It is our goal and intent to return to great performances very soon, while ensuring the Philharmonic’s sustainability for generations to come.

Our work is interdependent and can only be achieved in the spirit of collaboration. Together, and only together, can the Philharmonic make music and moments that change our lives and communities.

For 95 years, the Colorado Springs Philharmonic has persevered. Much like our music, it is through triumph and tragedy that we have grown stronger and more resilient. Amidst the challenges of 2020, we are still standing. We are confident that obstacles only empower us to overcome.

Thank you for your trust and tenacity during this challenging time.

Herman Tiemens, Board Chair  and  Pamela-Shockley-Zalabak, Board Chair Elect