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An Important Message to Subscribers and Friends of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic | Oct. 24, 2020

Dear Friend,

In the face of a global pandemic and overwhelming uncertainty, the Colorado Springs Philharmonic has taken heart in the knowledge that our patrons and fans have been our biggest champions. On the sidelines, rooting for our beloved Philharmonic, your generosity and encouragement gave us the confidence to hold out hope that our scheduled concerts would go on as planned.

However, the COVID infections and government restrictions are simply too high to ignore. I regret to tell you the remainder of the planned concert season must be canceled – thru May 2021 – due to the dire consequences of this pandemic.

But even now, we won’t give up. Instead of dwelling on the impossible, we’re focused on the future. To that end, we have introduced the Philharmonic Comeback, which dedicates resources to a special reserve at the Colorado Springs Philharmonic Foundation, with the sole purpose of supporting costs associated with our eventual return to the concert stage.

Subscribers: please watch your mail for a letter with your ticket options for the canceled performances. Rest assured that your seats are secure, and you will get the full benefit of your ticket purchase. We ask that you return the voucher by the end of the month. 

A Brave, Hard Thing

In this pandemic, we are driven to guide the Philharmonic through a time of deep uncertainty to protect the future and the spirit of this great symphony orchestra.

In early March we committed to paying 100% of musician wages until July 31, despite concert cancelations. It was a sincere gesture – and a risky one – but we were compelled by a deep concern for our musician colleagues. The musicians of the Philharmonic want to perform for you, and we wholeheartedly agree. However, because of the pandemic, mass audience gatherings are prohibited. The disheartening truth is that continuing to pay full salaries without full concert revenue is not a sustainable combination.

After weeks of bargaining with the musicians’ Union, our Board of Directors made a final offer proposing $716,000 for wages, pension, health subsidy, and other continued benefits. Unfortunately, that offer was rejected by the Union and, because of the ongoing pandemic, the Union contract has been canceled.

Musicians Assistance Fund

Thanks in large part to your generosity, we have established a Philharmonic Musicians Assistance Fund, which will make direct cash grants to musicians who are experiencing significant need during the pandemic.  The Fund will be administered by our partners at the Pikes Peak Community Foundation and representatives of the Bee Vradenburg Foundation. We are proud to announce that this fund is now fully underwritten.

This Gets Better

On behalf of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic – its musicians, volunteers, board of directors, and staff – we thank you for your precious friendship and generosity.  The challenges we face are many, but I’m constantly inspired by the resilience and creativity of our musicians and conductors as well as the constancy of friends like you, who believe in our treasured Philharmonic. Thank you for your support.  Thank you for your fortitude and grace.  Thank you, for everything.


Nathan Newbrough
President and CEO
Colorado Springs Philharmonic