Take A Stand

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“When things are toughest, we stand together”

The Colorado Springs Philharmonic will:
Stand firm with the musicians, guaranteeing their base salary this season, whether concerts occur or not.
Stand behind the ticket holders, who will receive full value of their tickets.
Stand firm, pledging to return when the time is right. 

take a stand recovery and musician relief

We need you now more than ever.

To keep these promises, and to enable our leaders to make confident decisions despite so much uncertainty,  
we depend on the loyalty and benevolence of the Philharmonic family.   

Season Tickets for 2020-21
Show your firm support by securing season tickets for the new season,
which begins in September.


Support with a Donation
Stand arm-in-arm with the Philharmonic and its musicians with a special gift of any amount to support Recovery and Musician Relief.  


Goal $344,000 for SUSTAINABILITY

By offsetting payroll costs for musicians through July 31, we extend the Philharmonic’s future and
stand by this promise to musicians, who are struggling to make ends meet.

“It’s a heinous time to be a musician. We’re proud to be standing
with the musicians … it feels like a risky thing… and it’s the right thing to do.”
— CEO Nathan Newbrough, The Gazette, April 10, 2020

Why pay the musicians if concerts are canceled?
During this crisis, our wonderful patrons and beloved musicians are at the very center of our thoughts and concern.
As part of the ‘gig economy,’ most professional musicians secure their livelihood and support their families by combining multiple jobs together.
For many musicians, those jobs have dried up. By standing together, and pledging to pay their base salary through
the end of this concert season, we provide a bulwark against uncertainty, and a reminder of how dearly appreciated they are.

What about Federal relief through the CARES Act?
The Philharmonic has submitted applications for the PPP and EIDL loan programs through the SBA.
The national demand on these small business loan programs is significant, and the
Philharmonic is not guaranteed to receive this funding. If federal loan dollars are received,
the Philharmonic will maximize the use of those funds first, and earmark donated funds to support future payroll and other obligations,
thus extending the survivability of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic.