Batons and Banking: Making Beautiful Music Together

By Robin Roberts, President and CEO of Pikes Peak National Bank

In my 18 years with Pikes Peak National Bank, I would say that the partnerships we’ve formed with families and businesses in the local community are my proudest accomplishment as a banker. Now, under the leadership of our new chairman, Antoun Sehnaoui, we are taking the partnership concept to a new level as the season sponsor of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic.

Just as Josep Caballé-Domenech brings an eclectic, international repertoire of music to audiences here, Antoun Sehnaoui has brought worldwide perspective and practices to Pikes Peak National Bank since his tenure began in 2018. His personal passion for the arts is one of the leading reasons we selected the

Philharmonic as a charitable partner. As we like to say, the harmonious bond between business and the arts is vital to a thriving and vibrant culture!

The bank’s history of community support reaches back three generations to our founding in 1957. We began as a small, locally focused financial institution, working to help create success with the citizens of Old Colorado City. Since those early days, we have expanded our footprint to include additional branches in north Colorado Springs and Fountain, and a new branch planned for a location on Powers Boulevard.

Like Pikes Peak National Bank, the Philharmonic has a generations-old history of service to the people of this area. Both organizations have strengthened the community, each in their own way. The bank has sought to help create financial security for business owners and families, while the Philharmonic has focused on inspiring audiences with world-class performances. But our common goal is to build a community that is strong, enlightened, and healthy.

In many ways, this banking philosophy, this commitment to community ties directly to our alliance with the Philharmonic.  We value our customers as complete individuals who live, work and play here, just like we do. We strive to provide excellence to our customers in all our products and services. But beyond that, we believe that our bank needs to be at the forefront of supporting like-minded institutions that contribute to the exceptional quality of life we enjoy here. This is at the very heart of the arts and business alliance we’ve formed with the Colorado Springs Philharmonic. In the years to come, we look forward to making beautiful music together!