Equity, Diversity, and Partners

Together Working in Harmony 

Harmony is diverse voices coming together for a common purpose. Here at the Philharmonic, we’re energized by the vision of a world-class orchestra built to serve an entire society—from the blue-blooded to the blue collar. Our goal is to welcome and represent the diverse collection of communities and traditions that make up the Pikes Peak region, and bring them all together in the full richness of song. Hence, our membership in the National Alliance for Audition Support.


The formal mission of the National Alliance for Audition Support is to increase diversity in American orchestras—an initiative we both support and applaud. Ours was the first and largest Colorado orchestra to join the N.A.A.S., and with the professional guidance of the organization’s key advisors (professional Black and Latinx musicians) we’ve accelerated our outreach to minority and underserved musicians.


“I can’t thank the NAAS enough! I think the program is vital to the current times we live in and we will see change happen soon. As a recipient of grants from the NAAS, I feel it is also my duty to continue the cycle by being a teacher and mentor for students of color who want to pursue music so that the number of musicians showing up to auditions rises every year!” 

Our ties to N.A.A.S. are just the start. We are guided by our strategic plan, intentional about designing fresh programs, and eager to learn from partners and advocates for a Philharmonic that welcomes and represents people of all backgrounds and callings.