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Autumn Awakening

The Philharmonic comeback means reunion with friends, and family experiences. Hear us out: [...]

Four Big Announcements

It seems like a dream now, remembering February 2020 and the last notes performed by the P [...]

Media Release: Philharmonic Returns to the Stage

Colorado Springs Philharmonic to Return to the Stage (Colorado Springs, CO – Oct. 8, 202 [...]

In Support: The Musician Assistance Fund

Musicians came first.  In March 2020, when so much seemed uncertain, Philharmonic leaders [...]

ReSound: Power in Partnerships

There is no better approach to solving challenges than the famous saying, “two heads are [...]

In Harmony: A word from leadership

Welcome summer – a season of possibility and promise. While classical music is our passi [...]

Envision a Comeback

Like so many in the performing arts, the Colorado Springs Philharmonic’s adventurous pla [...]

Your IRA RMD and the Philharmonic

by Dianne Reitan, Major Gifts Officer No doubt, it has been an emotional time as we wait f [...]

A Letter from The Maestro

How are you? The spread of the coronavirus these past days and weeks is affecting lives of [...]

A letter from CEO Nathan Newbrough

My dear friend,  You’re an essential part of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic family, [...]

Musician Feature Sarah Ford

Collaboration is a Cornerstone of an “Artistically Meaningful Life” Growing up in smal [...]

Encore! Perlman Returns to Philharmonic Stage

As often happens in the rarified world of prominent classical performers, personal pathway [...]