About Us

We’re About Connections

The Colorado Springs Philharmonic is an independent symphony orchestra whose mission is to offer brilliant musical performances and in-person experiences that draw families, friends, and loved ones together. We honor the rich traditions upon which our art was founded and work tirelessly to see it continues to hold a prominent place in the future of the community. We have great reverence for what we do, and great esteem for all who love and support it—most especially the everyday enthusiast who enjoys music for its own sake.

The Name Says It All

Philharmonic: From the Italian filarmonico: literally loving harmony.

And, to the ancient Greeks, “PHIL” is loving, while “HARMONIA” is joining in music

This word, PHILHARMONIC, represents our dedication to creating life-changing performances, and our obsession with building a community family around sharing this music with the world.

The Halo

Our logo, the C-shaped halo, is a radiant loop, encircling and inspiring. Not to elevate or separate, but as a virtuous and meaningful glow that surrounds, uplifts, and inspires. In the ancient world, the halo often represented eternal brilliance, a wreath of light reaching out into the world.  Every ray is a signal, every flicker illuminates the dark places.

Likewise, the Colorado Springs Philharmonic is a beacon.  Each musician and every listener adds to the fire.  Together, we are responsible for keeping the flame alive.

In Tune With The Past

The Philharmonic was founded in 1927. Original performances were here in downtown Colorado Springs, backdropped by the majesty of Pikes Peak and inspired by the same pioneering spirit that exists to this very day. We relish everything our landscape represents, and consider its many beauties to be the core of our identity. Today the Colorado Springs Philharmonic is a community hub for avid fans, curious minds, thrill seekers, and simple lovers of life.

Performance is Sacred

We believe in the absolute power of live performance. Music is a sacred human journey shared by musicians and their listeners, and second-hand renderings, however brilliant, can never recreate the bond of give-and-take between those on stage and those in the audience. Live performances are measured in breaths and heartbeats. They are at once human and divine. They provide us an intimacy of communion unlike any other on earth, and for that reason we must do our utmost to preserve and protect them.