Global influencer – Pacho Flores

“Pacho Flores is the most important thing to happen to the trumpet since Miles Davis,” observed Chilean music journalist, Alvaro Gallegos. But, being compared to one of the most influential musicians in modern times is just one of innumerable distinctions that Pacho has earned during his varied career.

Adept in classical and folk styles, the Granada-based trumpeter has achieved a globe -spanning musical range, as well as international acclaim. He brings remarkable energy and a pronounced colorful tone to his solo performances, delighting audiences from Japan to the Arctic Circle to Carnegie Hall. As an artist who has invested himself in exploring every nuance his instrument is capable of, Pacho asserts, “The trumpet has a great advantage: it’s very versatile. It can sound like a voice, a violin, an oboe, a bass, a flute.”

Francisco “Pacho” Flores began studying the adaptable instrument in the 1980s under the instruction of his father, who was also a trumpeter and band director in San Cristobal, Venezuela. As his skill grew, he joined that country’s visionary El Sistema – a program of youth and children’s orchestras, where his musicianship continued to flourish. Pacho ultimately went on to win the Maurice Andre International Contest in 2006 – the most prestigious trumpet competition in the world – as well as several other international awards.

As a soloist, Pacho has appeared with orchestras in France, Russia, Ukraine and Japan. He has toured throughout Europe, South America, the United States, and Japan with the Venezuelan Simon Bolivar Brass Quintet – an ensemble he helped to establish. Leading orchestras around the world have hosted him as first trumpet.

In addition to thrilling global audiences with his live performances, Pacho is also an activerecording artist with Deutsche Grammophon, with whom he has released numerous award-winning albums. One of these, Soledad, features nine different trumpets, each with its own unique tone.

Pacho’s commitment to music does not stop with playing and performing music. He works with the renowned Stomvi company in the development and innovation of their instruments, bringing his artistic sensibility to the engineering and production processes. He also works in various capacities to help bring new music to the stage and to mentor young artists.

Of his program with the Colorado Springs Philharmonic, Pacho notes that the Concerto de Otono is especially meaningful to him. “Arturo Marquez is a composer whose work is played around the world,” he said. “This concerto has innovative Latin elements and connects well with the public.”