A Letter from The Maestro

How are you?

The spread of the coronavirus these past days and weeks is affecting lives of people worldwide and we’re all confronted with great challenges.  Fortunately Monica, our boys, Eric and Marc and myself, we are at this moment safe, healthy and together in Berlin, making the most of this family time in this crazy situation.  All the same, we’re very much missing our Colorado friends/family and the thrill of performances at the Pikes Peak Center!

I’m sure that when this extraordinary time will be over, we’ll feel stronger as human beings, new power will endure our values, we’ll rediscover in a stronger way the true depth of our amazing community and the beauty of live music will mean more than ever to us!

I wanted to check in with you and share our good wishes.

Everywhere I look in Europe (and I’m sure it’s the same in the U.S.) there’s a pervading uncertainty about the future.  This is especially unsettling for musicians, because sitting at home – staying quiet – is just not what we do.  Most musicians right now are hurting because they can’t make music with their colleagues, and because they’re not being hired.  It gives me such pride that our Colorado Springs Philharmonic has promised to pay our contracted musicians their base salary for the rest of this season, whether concerts occur or not.  And we’re tuned in to them, keeping them close so that nobody falls through the cracks.  We’re standing by their side in this crisis, so perhaps they can rest a little easier.

And you’re standing by us!  You are a crucial part of our ensemble – now more than ever.  After all, you’re not just an observer, not just a listener.  You’re a full-fledged accomplice in this amazing community project.  Without your generosity and encouragement, we simply could not do what we do – we could not stand by our musicians during this crisis, and we certainly could not envision a cultural future for Colorado Springs.

I hope that you are well.  That you’re safe from harm.  And that you have what you need to get by.  Needless to say, if the CSPO family can help you in any way please let us know.

I look forward to seeing you again.  As soon as it’s safe to travel, I’ll be on my way to Colorado Springs to rejoin you at the Pikes Peak Center.

For now, I send warmest greetings from across the Atlantic.