A letter from CEO Nathan Newbrough

My dear friend, 

You’re an essential part of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic family, and your enjoyment and safety are of the utmost importance to us. 

At this time of concern over coronavirus, it’s important that we give you as much ticket flexibility and assurance as possible. It’s also crucial that you know the commitment we’ve made to support our core musicians and their families at this time.   

We’ve made three promises. Guaranteed. 

Standing by Ticket Holders.  Your health and safety – just like your enjoyment – are a priority at every performance.  We will make responsible decisions now and in the future to react appropriately to the situation.  And we guarantee that your ticket purchase is secure.  You can exchange unused tickets for an upcoming performance, or donate your ticket back and receive a tax deduction.   

Standing with Musicians.  We are dedicated to the contracted musicians of the Philharmonic for the remainder of this season, and have prioritized their compensation, whether concerts occur or not.  These are our friends, our colleagues, our inspiration, and we make this promise to stand with them during this extraordinarily difficult time.  

Standing Firm.  We are devoted to Colorado Springs and utterly passionate about music’s essential role in lifting spirits.  Our third promise is this: we will return.   As soon as it’s safe.  As soon as we can.  Performances of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic will resume.     

Thank you.  You are the reason for the Colorado Springs Philharmonic.  We appreciate your support, your affirmation, and your thunderous applause.  With your stalwart support, there’s nothing we cannot do.    

Here’s to the great performances ahead.

Nathan Newbrough
President and CEO