Media Release: Philharmonic Returns to the Stage

Colorado Springs Philharmonic to Return to the Stage

(Colorado Springs, CO – Oct. 8, 2021) – The Colorado Springs Philharmonic and the Pikes Peak Musicians Association announced today that a three-year agreement has been reached to bring musicians back to the stage, and audiences back to their seats.
Both Philharmonic management and musicians have made concessions to preserve the future of the organization during this unprecedented time, bringing professional symphonic music back to beloved audiences.

For all involved, this new agreement represents a compromise amidst uncertainty. The number of concerts and rehearsals are reduced in the 2021-22 season and increase each year thereafter. Concurrently, service rates (the wage amount paid for each rehearsal or concert) will increase each year of the agreement. The agreement includes health and safety protections, increased scheduling flexibility, and the basis for healthy organizational growth. Overall, the compromises in this new agreement set the stage for a phased-in return to normalcy for musicians and patrons.

The Colorado Springs Philharmonic’s first performances will be Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker,” featuring the Oklahoma City Ballet, on Thanksgiving Weekend. On-sale dates, as well as full details for all upcoming concerts will be announced in mid-October.
Quotes Nathan Newbrough, President and CEO, Colorado Springs Philharmonic “Let me share my outright optimism for the future of great music in Colorado Springs. For 95 years, the Colorado Springs Philharmonic has grown, overcome obstacles, and continued to deliver captivating performances. This new agreement is so much more than the numbers or compromises made. What resounds is the return of our world-class musicians and the world’s finest audience. Our work is done together – always together – and this agreement is a testament to stout hearts and shared goals. Let our upcoming concerts be a toast to the musicians and patrons who have overcome it all, together.”

Jeremy Van Hoy, CSPO Bass Trombone and Chairman of the Orchestra Players Committee “The Musicians of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic are excited to return to the Pikes Peak Center and Ent Center Performing Arts stages this season. This new three-year agreement will provide much-needed employment for all of us and brings professional orchestral music back to the Pikes Peak region. The Philharmonic is the cultural jewel of this area and what is an orchestra without its musicians? We look forward to presenting thrilling new programs with our Music Director Josep Caballé-Domenech and Associate Music Director Thomas Wilson to all of our loyal patrons and fellow music lovers. Please visit the musicians’ website,, to view our self-produced pandemic performances.”

Sarah Wilson, CSPO Cellist and President of Local #154 American Federation of Musicians “We musicians care so deeply about the future of our orchestra that we accepted salary reductions to get us back to work. We hope that bold artistic vision will be the primary motivation for the Philharmonic’s future decisions and artists will be valued accordingly. In this way we can continue to attract and retain the talented professionals who make the music.”