We’re Listening!

My dear friends,

Throughout our 97-year history, the Colorado Springs Philharmonic has always been dedicated to delivering vivid performances of orchestral music.  And we’re committed to staying in tune with the ever-changing world around us. That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you to be a part of our journey into the future by participating in our “NextGen” surveys.

In these transformative times, we’re taking a bold step forward to ensure that our beloved orchestra remains a brilliant, relevant part of our community. Whether you attend every concert, or drop in occasionally, we want to know what you think.  We want to know your hopes and dreams about our community.  Share your values, your ideas, and your unique perspectives.  Your insights are essential as we set our sights on the future.

Each of the nine “NextGen” surveys asks a few provocative questions that will lead us toward better understanding.  Make sure you complete every survey this season!

When you do, you’ll become a crucial part of our orchestra’s journey. Your opinions will directly influence the decisions we make and the steps we take to ensure the Colorado Springs Philharmonic remains a vibrant cultural force in our community for generations to come.

So, let your voice be heard, and let’s embark on this exciting musical voyage together. We’re eager to hear from you, our passionate and forward-looking audience. Click the link below to take the current survey and help shape the future of classical music in Colorado Springs.

Thank you for being a part of our musical family, and here’s to a harmonious future for the Colorado Springs Philharmonic!


Nathan Newbrough
President and CEO