The Coronavirus

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Updated 03/25/2020

To all patrons and friends of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic: 

The safety of our audience and performers is our chief concern, and Colorado Governor Jared Polis announced a prohibition on all large gatherings. We are heartsick to announce that upcoming concerts will be canceled as follows.

Known concert cancellations.   
Marvel vs. DC, April 3-4
Voices of Light: The Passion of Joan of Arc, April 24-25

Ticket Options
Ticket holders are essential to the Philharmonic and we want you to have maximum flexibility so that you get the full value of your purchase.

Exchange your tickets to an upcoming performance. We are happy to exchange your tickets for a voucher which may be redeemed for any performance (including The Nutcracker, Christmas Symphony and New Year’s Eve) through December 31, 2020.  Terms apply.  During this flexible period, exchanges must take place no later than 30 days after the scheduled performance. Click here to fill out the Ticket Exchange form.

Donate your ticket. As a nonprofit organization, the Colorado Springs Philharmonic relies on the audience we serve. Donating your tickets, in lieu of an exchange, is a generous way to support great music and receive a tax deduction. To donate your unused tickets click here to fill out the Ticket Donation form.

Our Promises
1.  Promise to Ticket Holders: Patrons get extra flexibility to redeem the full value of their ticket purchase.  In fact, we guarantee that your ticket purchase is secure.  You can exchange unused tickets for an upcoming performance or donate your ticket back and receive a tax deduction.  See below for details.

2.  Promise to Musicians: We are dedicated to the contracted musicians of the Philharmonic for the remainder of this season, and have prioritized their compensation, whether concerts occur or not.  These are our friends, our colleagues, our inspiration, and we make this promise to stand with them during this extraordinarily difficult time.

3.  Promise to the Community: The Philharmonic will return. With your support and flexibility, our beloved orchestra will remain a steadfast community asset for generations to come.

Stand by Us: Your support today is more important than ever.
A.  Purchase Season Tickets: The 2020-21 Concert Season is not to be missed! Lock in your plans now by renewing or subscribing today the 2020-21 Concert Season. Being a season ticket holder encourages our musicians and signifies your commitment to arts and culture in the Colorado Springs community. Learn more.

B.  Make a Donation:Support us with a gift of any amount: As a nonprofit arts organization, the Colorado Springs Philharmonic relies on the people we serve. That has never been more true than during this time of event closures as our community works together to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Please consider the role music plays in your life and support your Symphony with a gift of any amount today. Click hereto donate now.

C.  Stand with Us: Across the U.S., the impact of COVID-19 is variable and rapidly changing. As Congress and the Administration consider new forms of federal economic assistance that may be targeted or widespread, orchestras can join others in the arts and nonprofit sectors that are speaking up to ensure relief meets all community needs. Click here to take action.