How To Prepare

“Music, of all the arts, stands in a special region, unlit by any star but its own, and utterly without meaning … except its own.”

– Leonard Bernstein, The Joy of Music

Live orchestral music is unlike any other experience. The opportunity for an audience of thousands to share in a singular transformative performance is unique, and quite special.

We welcome you to the Colorado Springs Philharmonic and hope you will take a few moments before the performance to prepare for what you are about to hear. After all, a bit of familiarity often makes a big difference in your enjoyment of the experience. And who knows? You could impress your friends with all this insight when you see them before the concert!

How to PrepareIt’s up to you.

Get Familiar
Start at the beginning, and learn what music will be performed in the upcoming concert. Simply find the concert in the calendar on this site, and find out who is performing, and what music is on the program. And, for classical concerts, you’ll find written program notes to share more details about the particular music to be performed.


It seems so simple, right? Quite often, the music to be performed has been recorded by orchestras and conductors all over the world. Better yet, this music is just a click away at sites like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and others. Listening to the music just once make all the difference when you sit down with your friends in the concert hall.


Who’s Who?
On each concert page, you’re likely find links for the featured performers. Guest performers are gifted people who lead intense and captivating lives, and whose experience often relates directly to their personal artistic sensibilities. We encourage you to find out more about them.