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Your IRA RMD and the Philharmonic

by Dianne Reitan, Major Gifts Officer No doubt, it has been an emotional time as we wait for life to return to some sense of normalcy.  As we ask the community to join us in Taking a Stand, you may be pondering ways you can support the Colorado Springs Philharmonic as we continue to pay … Continued

A Letter from The Maestro

How are you? The spread of the coronavirus these past days and weeks is affecting lives of people worldwide and we’re all confronted with great challenges.  Fortunately Monica, our boys, Eric and Marc and myself, we are at this moment safe, healthy and together in Berlin, making the most of this family time in this … Continued

Musician Feature Sarah Ford

Collaboration is a Cornerstone of an “Artistically Meaningful Life” Growing up in small-town Connecticut with two musicians for parents, a very young Sarah Ford had her heart set on being a flautist. But when she was nine, her father gently guided her to French horn, sensing that she had potential to be exceptional. He was … Continued

Encore! Perlman Returns to Philharmonic Stage

As often happens in the rarified world of prominent classical performers, personal pathways can intertwine and evolve over decades and continents. Nine years ago, when a peripatetic young Josep Caballé-Domenech chose to work in Colorado Springs and assume the musical helm of the Philharmonic, he inherited an already-booked season that featured gala star, Itzhak Perlman. … Continued

McDuffie Performs Internationally Adored “Seasons” Program

In 1973, a 14-year-old Georgia violin student was taken, perhaps a little reluctantly, to hear Itzhak Perlman. “Up to that point, I didn’t like practicing,” recalls Robert McDuffie. “But seeing Itzhak Perlman changed me. The violin became my passion and priority.”  Though McDuffie went back-stage to meet Perlman on that revelatory evening, the teen was … Continued

Musician Feature Noah Kay

“There is always more to learn and I learn from everyone around me. I especially love the Philharmonic wind section. We get along so well.” Reeds are the bane and the beauty of the oboe. The capricious mouthpiece is at once notoriously temperamental and capable of producing hauntingly lovely tones. And so, for undaunted Noah … Continued

Global influencer – Pacho Flores

“Pacho Flores is the most important thing to happen to the trumpet since Miles Davis,” observed Chilean music journalist, Alvaro Gallegos. But, being compared to one of the most influential musicians in modern times is just one of innumerable distinctions that Pacho has earned during his varied career. Adept in classical and folk styles, the … Continued

Musician Feature Heather MacArthur

“When I’m playing the violin, I am very present. It’s not like you have time to think about other things, you are there with the music and it’s very calming to me.” Violinist Heather MacArthur grew up in a small town in California within a military family and a mindset of continuing the practice of … Continued

Batons and Banking: Making Beautiful Music Together

By Robin Roberts, President and CEO of Pikes Peak National Bank In my 18 years with Pikes Peak National Bank, I would say that the partnerships we’ve formed with families and businesses in the local community are my proudest accomplishment as a banker. Now, under the leadership of our new chairman, Antoun Sehnaoui, we are … Continued

Behind the Music : Swan Lake

Tchaikovsky began work on Swan Lake in August 1875, using material from a domestic ballet of the same name he wrote for his sister’s children in 1871. The score was completed in April 1876, and the ballet was first performed on March 4, 1877, in Moscow. The score calls for two flutes and piccolo, two … Continued